Steroids: the benefits of these drugs for an athlete

Steroids: the benefits of these drugs for an athlete

Steroids are used by about 4 million people. Among them are professional athletes. Why are cdrugs so common?

The fact is that anabolics help maintain good physical shape, build muscle. A large number of steroid drugs are produced, which you need to be able to use correctly, for your own benefit.

Steroids: the benefits of these drugs for an athlete

Most athletes believe that long steroid cycles are effective. It’s better than short cycles. However, in some cases, short cycles of steroids are also helpful. Why? Let’s see.

The argument that speaks in favor of short courses of steroids is that they are safe for the health of the athlete. Often athletes take steroids for somewhere around 8 months and then take a break for three months. Rest from steroids – taking weaker drugs that help unload the body.

A short cycle is taking the drug for 8 weeks, after which a pause of 4 weeks is given so that the body can get in shape. Each athlete chooses for himself the best way to pump, but it is important that steroids do not enter the norm and do not become the only way to build muscle. Of course, when you see a quick result, you don’t want to stop, there is a need to constantly improve your body, but it is important to understand that there are certain barriers that it is better not to cross. The body should receive sports nutrition along with steroids. Giving up everything else in favor of steroids alone is not the best choice. But the harm of steroids is also exaggerated.

How steroids work

Anabolics have shown themselves well not only in rapid weight gain and strength gain, but also in the regeneration of muscle tissue. They accelerate protein synthesis in the body, are fast carriers of testosterone. Additional ingestion of the hormone in the body promotes muscle growth. Steroids act as blockers of catabolic processes, which helps to increase body fat.

Athletes who take natural anabolics are less likely to experience side effects than those who take synthetic steroid counterparts. It is noted that after pumping muscles with chemistry, many people experience changes in behavior, aggression and irritability increase, and a feeling of euphoria is inherent. These qualities help to increase the duration of enhanced training.

Steroids are drunk in courses. Therefore, they are sold in packs of 200-300 tablets. With the help of anabolics, you can effectively influence your body, turning it into an athletic figure, and at the same time not harm your health.

How steroids work

Steroid use

Many athletes want to buy steroids for muscle growth – bodybuilders, weightlifters, powerlifters and others. Which steroids will work well already in the first year, from the first use, it is better to find out from a specialist or a sports doctor. Anabolics are taken in courses that are calculated for each individual, taking into account the wishes, characteristics of the body and the type of steroids. Preparations are divided into several types: in the form of tablets and injections. Some try to combine them in a complex, wanting to increase efficiency.

What are steroids? These are chemicals that are used to increase muscle growth. It is available for use in both men and women. Taking a steroid without harm will not work, because they all cause visible damage to health. Excessive use of anabolic drugs can lead to severe processes. Most often they are taken in tablets and injections. The first option is more toxic and affects the liver, can cause the formation of tumors. Such an injectable steroid drug is less harmful, but long-term use also has negative consequences.

Side effects from the use of anabolic steroids

The consequences of taking steroids will not be long in coming; after a week or two, adverse effects may appear. The most common reactions are:

  • Gynecomastia;
  • Hepatotoxicity;
  • Acne and rashes;
  • Hirsutism and baldness on the head;
  • Problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • Increased blood pressure;
  • Problems with sexual life, violation of potency;
  • The formation of tumors that can become malignant;
  • Fluid retention leading to swelling;
  • Hyperpericardium;
  • Malfunctions in the digestive tract;
  • Decreased immunity.
Side effects from the use of anabolic steroids

Side effects of steroids can vary from person to person. It is important to think over the course of administration correctly, and take concomitant medications that will help to cope with the negative consequences.

Are steroids harmful?

Let’s start with the fact that steroid hormones, unlike nonsteroidal ones, bind directly to receptors located in cells, penetrating inside. The result is protein synthesis.

All processes occurring under the influence of chemistry constitute a delicate mechanism, the work of which can be quickly and easily destroyed due to outside interference. When an athlete takes anabolic steroids, it harms the endocrine system.

What happens when an athlete uses anabolic steroids? Once in the body, the synthetic hormone tries to establish a relationship with the target cell. Then, without previously binding to the receptors, the hormone leads to the forced growth of the cell protein. When a cell is oversaturated with a chemical hormone, a signal is given to the pituitary gland that the saturation of the cell has already been completed, and the attack continues.

As a result, the pituitary gland is forced to regulate the natural supply of hormones to the cell, commanding that the glands do not function, or that it occurs at a reduced rate. If steroid therapy is continued for too long, the glands may permanently lose their ability to produce their own hormones. They will overgrow with connective tissue, and turn into a useless organ. As a result, complete atrophy of most of the rather important links that are in the center of the endocrine system.

The impact of sports nutrition on the body

Among the negative reactions of the body, hormonal disorders occupy the first place. When testosterone and other anabolics enter the bloodstream more than normal, hormonal disruptions begin. In men, this is reflected in the form of a cessation of the production of endogenous hormone. In women, there is increased hairiness, coarsening of the voice, menstrual disorders and other signs of masculinization. If drugs are used among persons under the age of majority, this can cause short stature.

The impact of sports nutrition on the body

Sports nutrition in the form of a course of steroids can also cause serious illness. With an overdose of anabolic, lipid metabolism is disturbed. The risk of heart attack and stroke increases, myocardial dystrophy, arrhythmia, and in some cases even sudden death may appear. In addition, there is a possibility of developing diabetes.

The harmful effects are not limited to physiological failures. Testosterone and others affect the work of the central nervous system. They disrupt sexual activity, cause aggression, mood swings. There may also be depression, psychosis, depression.