5 best fat burners

5 best fat burners

A common reason for switching to an active lifestyle is the desire to lose weight. This is especially true for women, but sometimes even professional male athletes need to burn fat. Not only diets and workouts are useful, but also special supplements.

What are Fat Burners?

What are Fat Burners?

Everything seems clear here. But this does not mean that when you decide to lose weight, you can wipe all the drugs in this section off the store shelves and pick them up in packets. On the contrary, they must be carefully selected and used in strictly limited amounts.

Fat burners are basically a series of substances that accelerate your metabolism. This means that they will not save you from unwanted deposits on their own, without training and dieting, they are absolutely useless. Also Fat Burner:

  • Remove excess fluid
  • It prevents the formation of adipose tissue
  • Eliminate the feeling of hunger
  • You add energy

All this allows you to accelerate weight loss and improve the results of sports activities and diets. The effect of the drug may vary depending on its composition.

Types of fat burners

Types of fat burners

Such additives are generally divided into two categories: thermogenics and lipotropics.

  • The first is a mix of herbs and simulators. It slightly raises body temperature, suppresses appetite and provides energy to increase intensity, promoting more efficient fat burning during exercise
  • On the other hand, lipotropes prevent the formation of fat cells and contribute to the breakdown of existing ones, increasing the effect of diet and exercise. It is softer and safer to operate

Many additives are complexes of components of both types. Also, blockers are sometimes classified as a separate category. They contain chitosan and although quite effective, they are not very popular because they cause indigestion.

Why are fat burners dangerous?

The biggest threat is caffeine, which is often found in such supplements. Its increased use can lead to sleep problems. It can also be addictive and put additional strain on the heart. Caffeine is contraindicated in people with cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis and hyperexcitability.

In addition, fat burners can cause:

  • Increased pressure. The rise in body temperature can put additional strain on the bloodstream
  • Nausea and loss of appetite. Strong active ingredients in the composition of the preparations are not suitable for long-term use
  • Deafness. A brief burst of energy can then turn into extreme fatigue
  • Irritability. You may not notice it, but the people around you will
  • Heartburn and diarrhea. Although such mixtures are of natural origin, they are not nutritious and are poorly absorbed

How to properly use fat burners?

Each drug is confirmed, the dose and number of doses also depend on the individual characteristics of the organism. As a rule, fat burners are consumed 2-3 times a day, in the morning and before training. In order not to lose muscle while losing weight, keep an eye on your protein intake. It is possible to combine with other supplements, but then it is better to consult a specialist for the preparation of the diet.

Which fat burner to choose?

Which fat burner to choose?

In each specialty store you will find a wide range of products. When choosing a slimming supplement, you should take into account the suitability of the composition for your purposes, as well as the manufacturer’s credibility and overall effectiveness.

ECA complexes are considered strong. Their name comes from the first letters of the main elements – ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin. Such supplements are very effective, but are only suitable for completely healthy people. Recommended for experienced athletes.

In our store you will find not only cheap supplements for athletes, but also advice from experts in their field. Based on our customers’ feedback and sales, we know what to advise. Therefore, before buying fat burners, we recommend that you read our review of the best products:

  1. Cloma Pharma Labs Black Spider. The most powerful drug in the company’s fat burner line and one of the most popular. It is an ECA complex. All ingredients are of natural plant origin. It has a strong toning and stimulating effect, and also helps to tighten muscles and reduce appetite. The maximum daily dose is two capsules.
  2. INNOVATIVE HELLFIRE LABORATORIES. Even more effective fat burner. It guarantees almost immediate effects thanks to its high concentration of active and thermogenic substances. It also increases strength and endurance. The effect is noticeable even with low-intensity workouts. It is also allowed to consume a maximum of two capsules per day.
  3. NUTREX LIPO 6 BLACK. An effective blend of lipotropic and thermogenic elements. It suppresses appetite well and provides rapid release of fatty acids. This is one of the best fat burners that even people unaffected by other products can try. It differs from 3 capsules per day in increased dosage.
  4. INNOVATIVE BLACK MAMBA HYPERRUSH LABORATORIES. A unique fast-acting drug ECA made in the USA. It is also effective even with relatively little physical exertion. It is distinguished by a balanced composition, all components work in the complex. It is enough to take 1-2 capsules a day.
  5. Cloma Pharma Red Osa laboratories. It is based on a blend of powerful fat-burning ingredients. The supplement not only suppresses appetite but also increases concentration, energy levels and mood. The complex will appeal to very active and more experienced athletes.

Of course, all the ingredients used in fat burners can be consumed in their natural state or prepared at home. However, they will not give the same effect as professional products.